The following charts shows how our current students scored when taking the Iowa Assessment Tests in their first month of their current grade level.

How to interpret these numbers: 

The numbers represent the average of all the students tested at for that grade.  The first number represents the grade level. 

For example:  3.8 – the 3 is for third grade, the .8 (the second number) represents how close they are to the next grade.

We Strive For Excellence


Our academic program is challenging.

St. Thomas provides an outstanding education due to the dedication

of our teachers. 


Our staff is highly educated with credits beyond their initial

bachelor's degree.  There are many with Master's degree and even a few with multiple masters, degrees. 


They teach at a Catholic school because it is their call, a vocation. 

St. Thomas provides a complete education filling each day with challenging academics, faith, prayer Jesus, and our beautiful Catholic traditions.

This fact alone makes the offerings

at St. Thomas, priceless.

The charts to the left shows how our current students scored when taking the Iowa Assessment Tests. 


These tests are administered in the fall, the the beginning of the school year.  We do this, so we can identify our students weaknesses and strengths and adjust our curriculum

to meet the needs of our students.