Eighth Grade Curriculum


Religion – is a faith centered class that incorporates and integrates Church history, morality and prayer.



Since the eighth grade English course is the final preparation for high school, the standard grammar and usage skills to communicate clearly and effectively in speaking and writing are geared for a more advanced level. Quality writing is emphasized, whether it is expository, descriptive, persuasive, narrative writing, or the research paper.


History begins with the age of Jackson, move through expansions and the ideals that tear our country apart, the Civil War and Reconstruction, WWI, The Boom and Great Depression that follow, and WWII.  We end the year looking into student chosen projects covering various topics from the Fifties to today.


Literature- is a combination of classic and contemporary literature selections, supported by skills instruction and practice in grammar and writing skills. Literary concepts and active reading strategies  are reinforced.


Pre-Algebra-   Chapters 7-13 are covered during 8th grade.  The concepts taught are functions, geometry, measurement, data analysis, polynomials and transformation.



Since this Algebra course covers all the material found in a high school Algebra 1 class, most students will move into an Honors Geometry course in 9th grade. The curriculum includes a thorough review of Pre-Algebra basic concepts and then progresses into functions, matrices, solving complex equations and inequalities with absolute value, polynomials, factoring, solving systems of equations, and simplifying/solving rational and radical expressions/equations. This Algebra section is accelerated and placement is based on grades and teacher recommendations.


Physical Science 

The Physical Science course involves the study of matter and energy in the areas of physics and chemistry.There are two sections: an intensified level with added depth and/or speed, stressing research and higher-order thinking and the mainstream section which covers the same material but not with added depth and speed. The curriculum includes a Science Fair project, experiments, and concepts covering measurement, Newton’s Laws of Motion, work, simple machines, atoms, the Periodic Table, properties of elements, chemical bonds and reactions, stoichiometry, and solutions.

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