Fifth Grade Curriculum


Math- The year began with a review of place value and rounding/estimating sums and differences.  We continue reinforcement of multiplication and long division and build by using two and three digit divisors.  Geometry, graphs and tables, problem solving, and fractions are among the many additional topics covered in fifth grade.  It is essential that students master the basic math facts to help them be successful. Homework that is not done, or is incomplete will receive a zero.  Students can access their actual textbook by going to User id is first initial, last name, 5; and password is student5.  The password can be changed once your child has logged in.

GRADING- Includes daily homework, quizzes, and chapter tests.


Pearson isbn: 978-0-328-80810-1


Science- Our textbook is divided into four units.  We will begin with Life Science and continue with Physical Science, and then finish with the Human Body.  The Physical Science Unit will help prepare us for our trip to the Challenger Learning Center on March 1st.  Please remember to keep returned homework received in weekly packets to help study for tests.

GRADING- Includes lesson assessments, chapter assessments, chapter tests, and projects


Scott Foresman ISBN: 0-328-03425-8


Social Studies- The text, Our Nation, takes students through the history of our country.  We begin during the Ice Age and cover the time period up to the Civil Rights Movement. We also study a bit of World Geography when we explore Latin America.

GRADING- Includes graphic organizers, daily work or homework, chapter assessments, on-line chapter reviews, chapter tests, and project.


MacMillan/McGraw Hill ISBN: 0-02-149267-0


Reading- The 5th grade reading curriculum includes instruction and/or mastery of many pertinent skills to the developing reader: Sequencing/Steps in a Process, Character Development, Generalizations, Fact/Opinion and Cause/Effect Relationships, Predicting/Drawing Conclusions/Summarizing, Plot Development, Text Structure, Compare/Contrasting, Main Idea and Supporting Details, and the Author’s Purpose. Additionally, fifth graders will be asked to complete two book reports (genres to be determined) and participate in the Reading Counts program for two of the quarters. We also have Word Study that is our 5th grade phonics workbook. It ties in with our reading series, focusing on syllables, vowels pairs, root words, suffixes, prefixes, and plural endings. We also complete two novel studies.

GRADING- Includes, Reading practice pages, Word Study workbook pages, weekly Reading tests, and book reports.


Sott Foresman, ISBN: 0-328-21247-4


Spelling- Spelling will follow the Reading series with the words reinforced throughout the week and tested on Fridays.

GRADING-Includes, Workbook pages and weekly tests


English- Some of the topics studied in the curriculum are: Subject/Nouns (possessives included), Predicate/verbs (action and linking), Simple/Compound Sentences, Tenses (Perfect, Past Perfect and Future), Irregular Verbs, Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs and Prepositions.  These areas of grammar are then applied in the different styles of writing throughout the year. 

GRADING- includes weekly work, workbook pages, and chapter tests.


Harcourt  ISBN: 0-328-21247-4


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