First Grade Curriculum


Religion-(Loyola Press)

Grade one primarily focuses on the importance of traditional prayers and private meditation. In

the children's journey to learn about God and what it means to be Catholic, they will reflect upon

the Trinity and Jesus' love for us.


Reading-(Scott Foresman)

Our reading program consists of five readers that use phonetically based decoding strategies to

blend consonant and vowel sounds into words. High frequency words are also incorporated.



Spelling words are based on the high frequency words as well as letter pattern structure and

word type.



Grade one uses a traditional model of letter formation for manuscript writing. The students

concentrate on developing correct writing habits such as pencil grip, posture and neatness.



Reading and writing are complementary and similar processes, what is learned in one area

supports the learning in the other. Students will be involved with several different kinds of

writing; shared writing, interactive writing, independent writing, journal writing, and creative



Mathematics-(Scott Foresman, Addison Wesley, enVision)

In first grade mathematics, the students will recognize, describe, and analyze patterns, describe

missing units in patterns, and use mental math counting strategies. Children are also expected

to explore and apply addition properties, recognize quantities in sets of objects, describe,

numeric relationships, compare two or more sets, and develop and use strategies for adding

and subtracting whole numbers.


Science-(Scott Foresman)

The science program explores life science, physical science, earth science, and the human

body (personal health).


Social Studies-(Macmillian/McGraw-Hill)

The first grade social studies program includes the exploration of history, geography,

government, and sociology.


Phonemic Awareness-(Heggerty)

Through phonemic awareness activities students will strengthen their ability to hear, identify,

and manipulate sounds.

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