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Religion:  The kindergarten religion program recognizes that young children have a natural desire to learn about God.  The textbook, God Loves Us, integrates Scripture and Church Doctrine to help children relate the richness of our Catholic faith to their everyday lives. 


Language Arts:  The elements of the kindergarten language arts program are:  reading, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness, speaking, listening, literature, and handwriting.  These are all taught by using several methods, including, whole group, small group, and individual instruction, as well as learning stations and technology.   


Math:  Kindergarteners use materials from Envision Math (Scott Foresman), focusing on basic number sense, early geometry, counting, measurement, number recognition, as well as adding and subtracting to ten.   Students will be given opportunities for a combination of pencil and paper activities, manipulation exploration, hands on experiences, learning stations, and technology that will make abstract concepts concrete and understandable.   


Social Studies and Science:   Recognizing the importance of real world, hands-on experiences as an essential tool for learning, both science and social studies curriculum are based on Scholastic’s Lets Find Out magazines.  They offer many subjects for students to explore in depth that go along with things that are currently happening or pertinent to them.

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