The St. Thomas PTO Adopt-A-Book Program is a great way to help purchase new books for our school library!

When you purchase a book for the school library through the program, a bookplate is placed in the book with your personal dedication.


What a great way to commemorate:

  • a student’s First Communion

  • Graduation

  • any other special occasion you would like to remember


Or dedicate the book to a beloved St. Thomas Teacher!


Once the book is purchased and in the library your student will be the first person able to check out the book!




  1. Browse the catalogs

  2. Choose the title(s) you would like to adopt and donate to the library

  3. complete the form below--please fill in all fields for each book.

    1. if you are donating only one title, then you need to fill out the second book information

    2. if you are donating more than 2 titles, please complete the form and submit again.

    3. please be sure to include the catalog and PAGE number from the bottom right corner of the page so I can mark the book adopted.



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