Welcome to Little Saints Preschool Online for 2021-2022

We are excited to offer an online registration and tuition payment opportunity for our 2021-2022 preschool families. Here you will be able to choose class sections, pay the $100 online registration fee and complete monthly tuition payments with credit or debit options. We believe this online option will best streamline the registration and tuition payment process for our preschool families.

In addition to our preschool class sections, Little Saints Preschool will be offering a daily extended care program entitled Stay and Play. Our Stay and Play program runs each day from 10:30am-2:00pm at the cost of $15 per day. The program is open to all registered Little Saints preschoolers and can be utilized as a consistent care program or an occasional fun option for preschoolers to stay, share lunch break, crafts, activities, music, games and play with others. The Stay and Play program will be offered through the preschool office once the school year begins in August. Please let us know if you have any interest in Stay and Play for the 2021-2022 school year through this registration form and we will contact you with more infomation. There is no requirement to commit to Stay and Play at this time, we simply want to gauge interest.

If at any time you should have questions, please always reach out to Preschool Director,

Jennifer Gallien at jgallien@stthomascl.org or (815) 459-0496 ex. 239 for assistance.

Thank you in advance for entrusting Little Saints Preschool with the education of your children.

We are blessed beyond measure.

Note: All preschool classes and programs are dependent upon enrollment, requirements and approval of school administration.



  • Parents, please enter all email addresses that you would like correspondence to be sent to when registering your child(ren) for preschool.

  • Monthly tuition statements will be emailed out on the 1st of each month and due on the 20th of each month from August-May.

  • Tuition prices listed in the registration section reflect the annual tuition price plus the non-refundable $100 annual registration fee. The registration fee is required to process the registration online. After that, your family will receive a monthly email tuition bill with the remaining balance of your account.

  • Preschool tuition is calculated at an annual rate, if your family would like to pay ahead, that is also fine. We only require that you pay at least 1/10th of the original annual total. (example) 1,800 annual = $180 minimum payment per month.

  • Please be sure to completely fill out each of the sections on the online registration form.

  • Once your 2021-2022 preschool registration is processed, we will request current copies of your child's birth certificate, medical physical and immunizations from all first time Little Saints students

  • All returning students do not need to provide a second copy of the birth certificate, medical physical and immunizations, as they are already on file.

  • Note: Preschool tuition is due on the 20th of each month August-May. Preschool accounts more than two weeks (fourteen days) past due will need to be made current prior to returning to preschool. *



To register, click on button below:

Registration Fee - $100.00

   **Regisration fee is non-refundable

and is not applied to tuition.

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