Seventh Grade Curriculum


Religion- The students examine the Holy Scriptures and their relation to the Catholic Church, with a focus on the New Testament and Jesus’ life.


History begins with a Geography unit before we move on to the Early Americans.  We then investigate the early explorers and settlers, the Revolution and the creation of the Constitution, and finish off with a look at our young nation.  Seventh grade also encompasses the Federal and State Constitution tests.


Pre-Algebra –  The first six chapters are covered  in the book. The concepts taught are integers, equations, inequalities, rational numbers and proportions. There are two sections--one being mainstream and one being accelerated. Accelerated is at a faster speed and completes the book in 7th grade.


English we cover the seventh grade writing standards in expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative writing styles while incorporating a thorough grammar program.


Literature- is a combination of classic and contemporary literature selections, supported by skills instruction and practice in grammar and writing skills. Literary concepts and active reading strategies  are reinforced.


Life Science course involves the study of life at a more intensified level, stressing research and higher-order thinking. The curriculum includes experiments, dissections, and concepts covering measurement, the Scientific Method, cells, organelles, cell processes, heredity, Kingdoms, human body systems (Health curriculum), comparative anatomy, and Right to Life. There are two sections: an intensified level with added depth and/or speed, stressing research and higher-order thinking and the mainstream section which covers the same material but not with added depth and speed.

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