Sixth Grade Curriculum


Religion – Students study God’s saving love as it is revealed in Sacred Scripture, particularly the Old Testament. Through the study of salvation history, they develop a deeper appreciation of Christ’s presence in His Church. Lessons are enhanced through use of prayer services, skits and Bible study.


Christ Our Life Loyola Press ISBN-13:978-0-8294-3964-9      


Earth Science-through a variety of activities and projects, students will learn about the composition of the Earth, ranging from its core to the relationship to its neighbors in space.  Specific topics of study include minerals, rocks, earthquakes, volcanoes, atmosphere, weather, and energy sources.


Earth Science  Glencoe ISBN 0-07-861700-6   


English – The English curriculum includes grammar and writing. Writing skills are developed by completing 6 Traits of Writing lessons as well as four portfolio essays: personal narrative, expository, persuasive and descriptive. Students complete a two-page research paper with note cards, an outline and a works cited page. Grammar lessons covering correct language usage and punctuation supplement the writing program.


Writer's Choice Glencoe/McGraw-Hill   ISBN: 978-0-07-888766-6 

Vocabulary Workshop  Sadlier   ISBN 978-0-8215-7107-9        


Literature-students will incorporate good strategies and comprehension skills while reading various genres.  Selections for reading are short stories from the textbook and individual and/or group novel studies.  Vocabulary units are also incorporated to strengthen and build knowledge.


Literature  McDougal Littell    ISBN-13:978-0-618-60134-9      


Math – Four critical content areas are studied in depth. Students use ratio and rate concepts to solve problems and complete their understanding of division of fractions. Throughout the year students write, interpret and use expressions and equations. Finally, an understanding of statistical thinking is developed. In addition, they achieve fluency in whole-number division, as well as fraction and decimal operations.  


Mathematics – Course 1 Prentice Hall/Pearson    ISBN- 978-256-73716-2  


Social Studies – Students explore ancient civilizations and world history through readings, discussion, iPad apps and student-choice projects. Major topics include: The Fertile Crescent, Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, The Huang He Valley, The Arab World, Medieval Europe, and Troubled Times in the 20th Century.


Our World MacMillan/McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-02-149268-9    

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