Third Grade Curriculum

Religion – it teaches students how to live their faith in their daily lives and in communion with the Church. It integrates Scripture, Catholic doctrine and Tradition, and the Church’s social teachings into each lesson.


Social Studies – our program pays tribute to the noble values of our country while teaching the importance of freedom and patriotism. This is accomplished by covering the following topics: citizenship, history, geography, economics, government, and culture.


Our Communities by James A. Banks, Richard Boehm ISBN 0-02-149264-6


Science – Our program ensures student success by giving all students equal access to science content and hands-on activities. This is accomplished by using engaging activities and lessons.


Scott Foresman Science by Scott Foresman ISBN 0-328-03423-1


English – Our series is a study of grammar grouped into different parts of speech, the building blocks of language. The writing process is divided into five steps  to help the students better understand the different components.


Harcourt Language, Grade 3 ISBN 0153178337

Reading – our reading program is comprised of different scaffolding strategies that help to ensure the comprehension of all readers. In addition, the stories that we cover each week touch on science and social studies standards as well.  


Reading Street  Student Edition Grade 3.1 Scott Foresman ISBN 0328108359


Reading Street  Student Edition Grade 3.2 Scott Foresman ISBN 0328108367


Math – Students in third grade are introduced to the following topics: multiplication, division, fractions, area, perimeter, and geometry. This is accomplished with informal explorations, problem solving, exploring equations, and hands on interactions. 


EnVision Math 2015 Scott Foresman Common Core ISBN 0328808083 


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