St. Thomas the Apostle School does not charge a set tuition for each student. Instead, we use a plan that is known as Fair Ability Tuition. This plan is intended to make possible a Catholic education for all students who desire it while providing the school with the financial support necessary to maintain high educational standards. It is a plan based on the principles of Christian stewardship whereby each family wishing a Catholic education for their children can forge a partnership with the parish community. The parish brings a commitment to provide the school with a high degree of spiritual and financial support while each family, in turn, agrees to provide as much financial and service support towards the education of their children as their means and sense of personal responsibility allow.


Under the Fair Ability Tuition Plan (FATP), families who wish to send their children to this school and who are active members of St. Thomas the Apostle, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Mary's-Huntley or Resurrection, Woodstock parishes are asked to prayerfully set their own tuition rate for each school year. (NOTE: Families who are not active members of the participating parishes will be charged the full cost per child). When setting their tuition rate, all families are asked to take these three key points into consideration.


First, they are asked to reflect on the per student cost of educating a student at St. Thomas School. The per student cost is determined by taking the anticipated budget for the upcoming school year and dividing it by the number of students who are expected to be enrolled during that year. 


Second, the families are asked to reflect on their current economic situation and are asked to pay as much of the “per student” cost as their finances allow. There are no questions asked and no financial statements are required. Your pledge is confidential. Your pledge is made carefully and prayerfully with God.


Third, families who practice Fair Ability are asked to reflect upon the generous support they receive from the broader parish communities via the parish subsidies paid from the supporting church communities. Please understand that the subsidies from the parishes could have a negative impact to some church programs if the school pledges are low and the parish subsidies are high.


Once a family determines what their FATP payment will be, they are asked to fill out and sign a FATP Tuition Contract and complete the Parent Service Agreement. These items along with the non-refundable registration fee ($100 per child during the designated registration times or $175 per child after these times) and $35 per child technology fee, should be turned in to a designated representative of the school during registration.


St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School provides not just an outstanding education but a Catholic education. An education that provides a strong core curriculum that is enriched through faith, knowledge, discipline and morals. We ask you not to make this decision in haste but to prayerfully consider the positive life long influence the Catholic education from St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School can have on your children.

No child will be denied a Catholic education due to cost