Meet our Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs. Rhodes!


RELIGION- Students focus on the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes and how to incorporate them into their daily life.  Each lesson integrates Scripture, Catholic doctrine and tradition, and the church’s social teachings.  Students pray a daily decade of the rosary along with personal intentions. 

LANGUAGE ARTS– Students utilize short stories and novels to help develop comprehension skills and focus on literary elements to become better readers. Some of these skills include sequence, author’s purpose, main idea, character traits, and comparing/contrasting themes and lifestyles to Catholic values.  Students also explore various styles of writing that include narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive paragraphs. 

MATH– Fourth grade focuses on place value, addition and subtraction of greater numbers, multiplication of whole numbers, division with one and two-digit divisors, fractions, geometry, measurement, and problem solving. Project based learning units are completed throughout the school year to integrate math concepts. 

SCIENCE- Units of study include Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, and the Human Body.  The Catholic teachings of creation and respect for all life are incorporated into these units. Students participate in labs and activities that strengthen predicting, classifying, estimating, measuring, graphing, and formulating hypotheses. 

SOCIAL STUDIES– Students will learn about the regions of the United States including their history, economy, and environment. Fourth graders will also complete an Illinois unit.  In this unit they learn about the history of Illinois.  Students make connections to the early explorers and their own Catholic beliefs and values.  Map skills are integrated throughout all units of study.