Welcome to the St. Thomas the Apostle School Education Commission! We are glad that you are here.


For your information, below are a few guidelines that are intended to help you better understand our role as a consultative Education Commission.


Consultative Education Commissions operate in the policy-making process by formulating and adapting, but never enac1:ing policy. This type of commission is more in keeping with shared decision-making in' the Catholic Church because of the consultative status of the diocesan presbyteral council and the diocesan financial council. The constituting authority establishes those areas where the board is to be consulted. Such action is made effective by the commission's constitution.


Parishioners are most welcome to attend School Commission meetings, and are also welcome to share with the school Commission their ideas, questions, concerns, and input at the appropriate time. Because of the amount of items on the School Commission meeting agenda, this input must be limited to a maximum of three minutes per person or a total of ten minutes per group/topic. Obviously, remarks must be presented in an appropriate and Christian manner. The remarks may only address those items on the current agenda. Any other topics/issues you would like to discuss will be considered for future meetings.


On occasion, there are topics that the Commission needs to address privately. The meeting will then run as a closed session. This is referred to as an "Executive session." Only members of the Education Commission are allowed to remain for this type of meeting. Once visitors leave, the Executive Session will begin.


Thank you for your interest in our school. It is our hope that you will continue your support so that we may work together to provide the best Catholic education for our students.




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