The goal of our math program for students in grades six through eight is to prepare them to excel at the High School level and beyond. Our curriculum, which is aligned to the standards, provides a rigorous path that highlights mastering grade level skills. The curriculum is based on a comprehensive program using direct instruction with modeling of mathematics concepts, so math is accessible to all learners.

In sixth grade we focus on the Fundamentals of Algebra. Problem solving is embedded in all lessons further developing students’ analytical thinking skills. Our seventh graders continue to develop their knowledge of algebra in our Pre-Algebra course while our eighth graders follow a High School level Algebra I curriculum. This challenging sequence ensures our students can be competitive in their future academic endeavors. Using both formative and summative assessments we are able to meet the needs of all our students and provide challenging and engaging lessons.

In our classroom we live by the words of Mark, “ He said to them, ‘go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’”  We strive to  live the gospel values in our daily life. In addition to daily prayer,  we live our faith through our actions and words. We willingly share our time, talent, and treasure with others by participating in service opportunities, planning prayer services and liturgies including May Crowning, and being role models for the school at Mass. We love to follow the Pope on Twitter and are grateful we can continue to grow our faith in school.


The Jr. High Religion Classes are an integration of Scripture, Tradition and action. Scripture is centered between themes of Catechism of the Catholic Church, Creed, Sacraments, Morality, Catholic Social Teachings and Prayer.

6th Grade Focus – God Calls a People – The Old Testament

7th Grade Focus – Jesus the Way the Truth, and the Life – Jesus Christ

8th Grade Focus – The Church Then and Now – Church History and The Holy Spirit 


The Jr. High English Classes help students become better writers and communicators. We build a foundation that connects grammar usage, and mechanics concepts with good writing skills. Students learn how to apply the writing process to various modes of writing.  Students share their Catholic values through their written and spoken projects.  Often sharing their writing and speaking at both school and parish Masses. 

The Jr. High Literature Classes help students become better readers through literary concepts that support academics, functional and recreational reading experiences. Religion is incorporated through discussion about characters and their settings.  Students are encouraged to make connections about their faith and beliefs with the characters and individuals in written text selections.


Students learn about various time periods and cultures in Jr. High Social Studies.  Sixth graders learn about ancient civilizations focusing on geography, religion, achievements, politics, and social structures.  Seventh graders learn about American history from early exploration through the civil war.  Their main focus is the constitutions of our country and the state of Illinois. Students are required to pass a test on both constitutions, while in seventh grade.  Eighth graders study American history from the reconstruction era to present day.  All grade levels openly discuss current events and how they relate to our Catholic faith.  All classes also connect historical developments and events to our Catholic beliefs and values.


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