As you may know, we are working diligently to build our enrollment up at our local Catholic school here at Saint Thomas.  This ministry has been a part of the parish for almost 100 years and we are proud of the mission it promotes and we are looking forward to a bright future!

To help us achieve these goals for growth, we are implementing a Transfer Grant Program that will Provide incentives for families like yours to come to our school in the next several months and in preparation for the 2024-2025 school year.  How does it work?

    • Effective immediately, a $1000 grant will be offered to all students transferring into STS in grades 1-7 from public, private or charter schools starting now until August 2024.
    • Students from other parish schools in our Deanery do not qualify for this grant opportunity as we wish to have our neighbors remain strong.
    • The transfer student must be first accepted to the school and remain at the school for the remainder of the school year.

How Can I Learn More?

  • You can CLICK HERE to secure an application for admission to the school.
  • You may also call the school at 815-459-0496 to set up an individualized tour and conversation about our school.  These tours are given personally by our principal, Mrs. Houston.
  • We encourage you to attend our Open House on January 28th at 12:30-2:30pm to see all that we have to offer including personal meetings with our excellent teachers.

Why Should I Consider Saint Thomas?

  • We are a school rooted in the tradition and mission of Jesus Christ!  Here you will find a welcoming and caring environment where we come to know you personally.
  • St. Thomas School is a family affair. We pride ourselves on  partnering with parents to educate  their children. 
  • We teach the same morals and values that you promised to teach your children at their Baptism.
  • Students interact with other grade levels through prayer partner projects or reading buddies. 
  • St. Thomas offers a strong core curriculum of Religion, Math, Science, Reading/Literature, and English as well as exposing the children to excellent classes in Art, Spanish, PE, Music and Technology.
  • Students use technology to enhance their learning experience, not to replace it.
  • At St. Thomas, phonics and cursive are taught in the younger grades.
  • We offer opportunities for students to participate in science clubs such as Robotics and KidWind, a national challenge for designing wind turbines for renewable energy.
  • Students in grades 5-8 can participate in a Video Club in which students create a monthly “news” broadcast.
  • Readers Theater is also offered to grades 5-8 and is featured in the Video Monthly Moments.
  • 8th Graders present a dramatic living Stations of the Cross, voices from the 6th and 7th grade blending in a choir.
  • Band is available as an elective for grades 4-8.
  • Students of St. Thomas stand out for the manners and respect when representing our school on field trips or athletic events.
  • St. Thomas Athletics is strong offering Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball and Track and Field for grade 5-8. Cheer is open to all grades with a Little Trojan League of Kindergartners through 4th Graders as well as regular cheer team for grades 5-8.
  • STS students score well above grade level on standardized tests. Many of our graduates begin their high school careers in honors classes.
  • Students living within the D47 boundaries are eligible for free bus services

Frequently Asked Questions About the Transfer Grant 

1. Can students who left STS take advantage of this?

Yes!  So long as they left on good terms and go through the process of being admitted to the school.

2. If a family comes to STS under this program and they have multiple children, does each child get the $1000 grant?

Yes! A family with 2 children will receive $2000 and so on.


3. Who is the intended audience for this program?

We are looking for families who will enhance our school from any part of the community including our own parish, our local Hispanic community, our religious education programs, and the programs in our other parishes like Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and Saint Mary – Huntley.

4. Is there a limit to how many students you will accept under this program?

We believe that optimal enrollment for STS in grades K-8 is 240-250 students.  Our goal for this Transfer Grant Program is to increase enrollment by at least 15-20 students over the next several months.

5. How long is this available for new families?

The program begins today and continues through August 2024 provided we still have seats available for students.  We hope students consider transferring to STS in January at the start of the new semester and again for the new school year. Families can apply to transfer at any time.

6. Have we thought about doing anything like this as an incentive for families in the Pre-K so that they enroll with us for Kindergarten?

Yes!  We are looking at ways to retain as many students as possible from our wonderful Little Saints Pre-School.  Among those are financial incentives but we have to do more analysis before committing to this.